How To Farm Neurodes in Warframe

Farm some Neurodes with style and efficiency.

Neurodes are a commonly used but rare resource in Warframe. You will need them to build weapons, equipment, Warframe components, and even some cosmetics. Unlike other resources, Neurodes can also be crafted in the Foundry. This guide will break down how to farm Neurodes in Warframe.

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Best ways to farm Neurodes in Warframe

Neurodes are a rare drop that can be earned with platinum or from playing missions. Despite their rarity, they can be earned consistently in beginner-level content and high-level tasks. You can find Neurodes on the following planets as potential item drops:

  • Earth
  • Eris
  • Orokin Derelicts
  • Lua
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Different worlds are more suitable for farming, depending on where you are in the game. Earth is the best place for players to try and farm Neurodes. The Mariana node features a low-level Extermination mission that will provide consistent Neurodes every run. After you get access to the Tikal node, you can also grind that mission as well. It’s an Excavation mission, which can be a pain to complete compared to Exterminate missions. However, Tikal is a Dark Sector mission with increased drop chances for resources.

You can use Resource Boosters to increase the drop chance of resources and the amount you get with each drop. Bringing some farming Warframes like Nekros, Hyrdoid, or Khora can increase your chances of getting more of this rare resource. Open every locker and container you see as well. The Mariana node on Earth will always spawn clusters that grant you two to three guaranteed Neurodes every run.

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If you have platinum to spare, you can purchase a Neurode crafting blueprint from the Market for 100 platinum. This is a pretty expensive proposition and not as efficient or worthwhile as running the Mariana node a handful of times to acquire the Neurodes you may need at any given moment.