Warzone 2 DMZ Deal with the Devil: Where to Get a Disguise

Warzone 2’s Deal with the Devil is one of the most drawn out missions in all of the land if you don’t know where to get a disguise.

Image via Activision

Warzone 2’s Deal with the Devil mission in DMZ asks players to sneak around Al Mazrah and catch up with the most squirrely boss in the entire game. The first half of the mission is incredibly simple, and only requires you to do some basic looting, but the second part can be a lot trickier.

There’s no one right way to take care of business with this mission, but it all starts with finding the Diguised Field Upgrade that arrived as part of the Season 5 update. This little power-up will allow you to blend in with enemy factions all across DMZ, but in our case, we need it to keep them off our back long enough to hunt down The Scavenger.

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Warzone 2 DMZ Deal with the Devil Disguise location

Image via Activision

The brand new field upgrade can be found in loot boxes all around the map. Try landing in areas with high concentrations of boxes, like the train for example, and rifle through them all until you find one.

All you need to do from here is open up your inventory and press Equip to enter stealth mode, effectively making you a friendly unit to any distant NPCs. Be careful about venturing too close or aiming your gun near them, as they will react and begin to shoot after a small period of warning.

Warzone 2 DMZ Deal with the Devil: Scavenger Buy Station

DMZ MRAP location in Season 5 of Warzone 2
Screengrab by Gamepur.

Now that you’re disguised, you’ll have to hunt down The Scavenger. This lad only spawns after players have died on the map and he will be in the vicinity of their bodies after a while. Hafid Port is one of the more popular drop destinations, so it makes for a good blind guess if you haven’t heard any fighting early on. His map indicator is a masked skull, making him pretty easy to pick out when you’ve unlocked it.

Warzone 2 Deployable Buy Station menu from the Scavenger.
Screengrab via Stodeh

Our new little Field Upgrade will allow you to sneak into his presence and interact with him. After that, the Buy Station can spawn in some wonky places, so be sure to thoroughly scour the area if it’s not immediately obvious that you’ve found it. Also, keep in mind that only players with active disguises can actually buy items from this station.

That’s all there is to know about Deal with the Devil. If you’re hoping to knock out more missions, check out our Abandoned Vehicle guide to unlock the fearsome potential of the unbelievably fortified MRAP transport.