What are Breakshards and how to get them in Forspoken

Powerful shards with the blood of the Tantas.

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The Break is a powerful, corrupting miasma that blankets the world of Athia. This strange phenomenon infected the wildlife and has since turned people and animals into monsters. From amidst all the destruction and mayhem, you can find Breakshards. These condensed clusters of rock hold the magic of the Tantas within them and can be used to help increase your capabilities. This guide will show you everything you need to know about Breakshards and how you can get them in Forspoken.

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How to get Breakshards in Forspoken

Breakshards is a general term for different types of stones that you will find throughout the game. These crystal clusters are found in areas where the Break is most concentrated and contain the essence of the Tantas magic. While the average person of Athia is vulnerable to these shards, you can use them to enhance your magical abilities.

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There are five different types of Breakshards that you can find throughout the world; Fervid, Leaden, Lambent, Welkin, and Lucid. Each type of Breakshard has different levels of rarity with Clusters being the most common version of each. There are two main ways that you can find these items in Athia; defeating enemies affected by the Break, and crafting them.

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Enemies can drop Breakshards of any type and are more likely to do so based on how high your battle ranking is. As your battle ranking increases, enemies will drop more items for you to pick up. You can also craft Breakshards once you have unlocked the Modify skill in the magic menu.

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How to use Breakshards in Forspoken

You can use Breakshards to enhance your magic by painting Frey’s nails. Shortly after setting out into the world of Athia to explore, you will go to Robian’s tower. There, you will find Breakshards in a chest along with a book. The book explains how the Tantas would paint their nails to enhance their magic. After reading these, you will unlock nail painting.

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Go into the Nails part of the menu to see what types of nail designs you can apply. Painting Frey’s nails will consume some of your Breakshards. Different Breakshards are used depending on what type of design you apply and the magic enhancements it has. More powerful designs require more powerful Breakshards to create.