What are Elite Charged and Elite Fast TMs in Pokémon Go?

How important are these new items?

Image via Niantic

Developers Niantic is bringing in a new, exclusive set of items to Pokémon Go called Elite Charged and Fast TMs. They work similarly to the traditional Charged and Fast TMs players may have acquired in the past. However, these Elite versions provide far more flexibility, giving you the chance to make a far more beneficial decision for your Pokémon team.

Traditionally, a Charged and Fast TM allowed you to teach your Pokémon a brand new charged or fast move, respectively. The changes were random. If you had a Pokémon whose fast move wasn’t the best, it would choose a new random fast move available to it, potentially giving you a better Pokémon after you used it. This method was a great way to ensure trainers were able to use their most powerful Pokémon, but if the Pokémon had the potential to learn a more substantial move, they could be even better.

Elite Charged and Fast TMs work similarly, except you have the chance to choose what move your Pokémon learns. If there’s a particular move of either option you know will immensely benefit your Pokémon’s overall strength and use in combat, these Elite TMs can ensure you don’t have to leave it up to chance. There’s no guesswork, and you can develop a potent roster. However, at this time, you can only gain them by participating in the first season of the Pokémon Go battle league, which begins on March 13.

Those who want to add these items for their team need to participate in the competition. It’s a PvP match against other Pokémon trainers, so make sure you train for the Great, Ultra, and Master leagues. All of these leagues feature different Pokémon choices and rules, so become familiar with the differences and have a variety of Pokémon at the ready.