What are the Candy Buckets used for in Disney Dreamlight Valley?

A special treat.

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Disney Dreamlight Valley is filled with various mysteries for you to solve as you progress through the game. Who is the mysterious shadowy figure? How do you reunite the shards of the Sunstone? What is with all of the random Candy Buckets littering the valley? The Halloween event has been going on in Dreamlight Valley and while the residents might not be dressing for the occasion, there is some spooky stuff going on. The latest surprise is a ton of Candy Buckets appearing around the valley, but what exactly are the Candy Buckets in Disney Dreamlight Valley used for?

How to get and use Candy Buckets in Disney Dreamlight Valley

You, like so many others, may have woken up to find Candy Buckets all over your well-decorated town in Dreamlight Valley. While this might seem like an eyesore and something you will want to get rid of, they are actually useful for completing the Halloween quests that were added to the Dreamlight section of the menu.

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There are five Halloween quests that you can complete as part of the event that is going on in Disney Dreamlight Valley. These quests require you to do everything from stockpiling a ton of Pumpkins to eating a ton of candy. The Candy Buckets that appeared in town can be interacted with to obtain Candy of different colors. Pay attention to the colors of the buckets. Each color bucket will get you a different-colored Candy, with a total of three colors that you can find.

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While you might think that this Candy is used to complete the Sugar Rush quest, it is actually used to complete 3-Course Halloween Meal quest. After eating all three of the candy colors, you will find that the quest is complete and you can gain your reward. Unfortunately, these Candies do not count toward the 45 you need to eat for the Sugar Rush quest.