Where to find Lion’s Claws in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Lion claws are pretty strong.

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There are a lot of different materials that you will end up finding as you progress through Disney Dreamlight Valley. While some of these materials are ones that you will use quite often, others are ones that are meant for specific quests. Lion’s Claws are one of those ingredients that you will be asked to obtain for a specific quest from Scar. This guide will show you where you can find Lion’s Claws in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Lion’s Claws locations in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Scar will ask you to obtain a few different materials during the Breaking Bones quest. This quest is the one that you need to complete in order to upgrade your shovel so you can remove the Wildebeest Bones that cover the Sunlit Plateau region. After obtaining the mold for your new shovel head, Scar will give you a list of materials that are needed to upgrade the shovel. Among these ingredients is the Lion’s Claws.

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Before you start searching for the Lion’s Claws, Scar will give you a hint as to where you can locate them. He will tell you that lions used to roam all over the Sunlit Plateau. During this time, they would climb the cliffs leading to the Forgotten Lands and would often chip their claws, causing them to get stuck in the rocks and fall to the base of the cliffs.

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This story should be enough to tell you where the Lion’s Claws are. To obtain them, you simply need to go to the Sunlit Plateau and walk along the base of the cliffs. You will see multiple sparkling digging spots. Dig up the ground around the cliff base starting from the river and going the whole way to the elephant graveyard. You will find all five of the claws in this area.