What are the positioning changes for FIFA 23?

Swap things around.

Image via EA Sports

Position changes in FIFA have always been important, especially in FUT where you need to link your players together. FIFA 23 is bringing big changes to chemistry, which means they can do the same with position changes. If you’ve been playing the series for years now, this is going to take some getting used to, but we’ve put together a quick explainer below to give you the basics of how position changes are going to work in FIFA 23.

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How will positions work in FIFA 23

Image by EA Sports

With FIFA 23 taking away links in chemistry, players will no longer need to swap their striker to center midfielder to give a link to their centerback. Now, those players will link regardless of where they play on the field. However, that doesn’t mean a player is always locked into their given position. Instead, FIFA 23 will replicate a player’s real-world positioning to give you some options.

Most players in FIFA 23 will come with at least one secondary position. You can use a position modifier item to switch them to this position in between games. Truly versatile players can have up to three, but that will likely be rare.

A good example of this new system is someone like Alphonso Davies. For Bayern Munich, he usually lines up at left fullback, but he often plays further up the pitch when he’s playing for Canada. In past FIFA games, moving him up to left winger would be impossible unless EA released a new version of him. With FIFA 23’s new position changes, he can easily make the jump and become a pacey attacker in your setup.

The new possibilities this move opens up all over the field can’t be overstated. While you aren’t going to see someone like Kylian Mbappe playing in the midfield anymore, you will see quite a bit more diversity in where players are lining up.