What do the numbers on the map mean in Far Cry 6?

Take them as a warning.

Image via Ubisoft

Far Cry 6 changes up some systems that the series has been known for, which means even veteran players might find themselves with some pressing questions. When you first start playing the campaign you will notice that the map has numbers all over it.

These numbers are the effective difficulty of the areas that they appear on. Some will be as low as three or four, while others will be much higher. As you play through the game, your character will rank up, and as long as your rank matches the number of the area you are in, you can expect to do okay there.

If your number is much higher than the area, you will get some small benefits in the form of damage done to enemies, or taken from them. Where it gets thicker is in areas where your rank is lower than the number. These will prove to be quite difficult, and it can be worth leveling up before heading there to make sure your rank matches.

The system is designed to slowly allow you to venture out into the map, but we found it all played out pretty naturally. You will level up by completing all manner of quests, missions, and secret tasks in the game, and it doesn’t take very long to be able to safely venture across the entire map.