What is a Challenge Rift, and how to find them in Dead Cells

A challenge awaits you, if you can find it.

Image via Motion Twin

While making your way through one of the many dangerous biomes of Dead Cells, you may inadvertently trigger a portal opening to a new room. These are Challenge Rifts, and they house powerful items and Cells for those daring enough to enter. If you’re wondering how they work, read on to find out what a Challenge Rift is, and how to find them in Dead Cells.

Challenge Rifts have a 20% chance to spawn on every biome. They appear as Runes in the ground, similar to the wall Runes that can pop out some food or money for you. Often they can be found hidden behind another Rune requirement, such as the Teleportation Rune or the Ram Rune, so you may wish to hunt those down first.

Challenge Rifts contain a chest at the start that contains Scrolls of Power, a Blueprint, and some Cells. You can open the chest, but once you do you are locked in and must clear the Rift in order to return back to the regular biomes. These rifts are filled with traps, from swinging maces, to spikes that line the walls. You’ll need to practice your platforming skills to make it through, but once you do you’ll be portaled back to whatever biome you came from.