What is a faction locked chest in Fortnite?

You’ll kick yourself.


One of the challenges for Storm the Agency is to open faction locked chests at spy base locations. This is a pretty simple challenge; it just uses some language that is confusing players a little.

The spy bases are the Yacht, Grotto, Agency, Shark, and Rig locations. All players should be well aware of where these locations can be found, but just in case, we have a map below showing you where they are.

Spy Bases

Now, the locked factions chests are the chests that need to scan you to open. You will be able to find them spread through the bases, but the easiest one is on the Yacht. You can break through the front of the Yacht from the water, then jump up into the boat itself. Right there on the right, you will find the locked faction chest.

There are two ways to open them. The first is to knock down a henchman by shooting him, then picking him up and carrying him to the locked faction chest. The chest will then scan them and open up.

The other way is to use one of the many phone booths hidden around the spy bases. If you interact with these, you will jump inside and dress up like a henchman, and can then freely open the chests when you find them, as the chest will be fooled into thinking you are a member of the faction. 

And that is it. It is probably something you have done a hundred times this season, this is just the first time Epic has called them locked faction chests, so it is causing a little confusion for players.