What is a vehicle pickup point in Far Cry 6

Drop and collect.

Far Cry 6

Image via Ubisoft

There are a lot of unusual systems in Far Cry 6, and you’ll plenty of messages flash on the screen while playing the game. One of them is something you’ll see every time you get in a vehicle. You should see a brief message appearing on the screen to advise you to take the vehicle to a pickup point, and you can add it to your vehicle collection.

Vehicle pickup points can be found all over the map near the rebel hideouts and bases. They are marked by green icons that will have a car, plane, or helicopter on them. Where it gets interesting is that you do not need to take a specific vehicle to the corresponding vehicle point.

We dropped off a helicopter at a car pickup point and it was added to our collection without issue. This is important because not all bases will have all the different types of pickup points, and some of them may only have one or two.

The main purpose of these pickup points is to give you a way to spawn in a car, helicopter, or plane that you need. You can interact with the pickup point, then pick what you want from the menu and it will spawn nearby.