What is the exact release time for Call of Duty: Warzone Pacific and Vanguard Season One?

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Image via Activision

With Call of Duty: Warzone officially becoming Warzone Pacific with its new Pacific coast Caldera map, this Season One update will not resemble those before it. With so much brand new content, the game will be down for some time to undergo this transition but will ring in a new Warzone era just hours later. Here’s when to expect Warzone Pacific and Call of Duty: Vanguard Season One to release.

Call of Duty: Vanguard Season One release time

For those anticipating Call of Duty: Vanguard, an update will be available for pre-download on December 6 at 9 PM PT and 12 AM ET, as its given content will become ready to play on December 8 at 9 AM PT and 12 PM ET. At this time, players can expect a never-before-seen Battle Pass, four new weapons, two brand new multiplayer maps, and the return of the Control game mode.

Call of Duty: Warzone Pacific release time

Unlike past Warzone updates, the servers for the game will need to be taken offline for 12 hours, starting on December 7 at 9 PM PT, for it to transform into Warzone Pacific. During this time, the Warzone Pacific’s update will be available to pre-download — regardless of whether you own Vanguard or not. That being said, those who do own Vanguard can play Warzone Pacific starting on December 8 at 9 AM PT and 12 PM ET, with it then being available worldwide 24 hours later on December 9 at 9 AM PT and 12 PM ET.

At the time of writing, it is still not understood if Warzone Pacific will continue to be tied to Modern Warfare or if it will become an application all its own. Considering its release is only some hours away, we recommend players continue to have the Modern Warfare launcher installed before Warzone Pacific becomes available.

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Once Caldera takes over for the soon-retired Verdansk, fans of the battle royale should expect an entirely new island to roam around with Vanguard-inspired locations tied in. In addition, it has been confirmed that weapons obtained via Black Ops Cold War and Modern Warfare can still be used in a limited amount of its game modes.