New Call of Duty: Warzone Pacific trailer reveals Caldera’s caves, air trolleys, and location details

Expect to have plenty of unique ways to travel through Caldera.

Image via Activision

With Call of Duty: Warzone Pacific dropping down in just over a week, publisher Activision has finally provided an in-depth video preview of the battle royale’s incoming Caldera map. In a parodied tourism video, the footage hints at several never-before-seen Warzone features and previews a handful of the game’s locations.

In the minute-long trailer, an unknown narrator places spotlight on a number of things that separate Caldera from the soon-retired Verdansk. For one, the new map will seemingly include landmarks so high that players can take air trolleys to reach their peaks. It also makes brief mention of long underground caves used to travel from one point of interest to another. Most notably, the game may allow players to swim through bodies of water for the first time ever as the narrator advises one should “take a dip in a river or stream.”

As Caldera’s main locations were disclosed hours before the trailer’s release, the video lends short previews of what is believed to be the map’s Beachhead, Resort, and Airfield areas. With it also introducing dogfighting, this trailer evidently gives an up-close look at one of the flyable World War II planes on the brink of going down in flames.

Warzone Pacific and Caldera are confirmed to launch at 12 PM ET on December 8 for those who’ve purchased Call of Duty: Vanguard on any of its supported platforms, with it then being available to everyone on December 9.

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