What is the fermentation time for mead in Valheim?

You need a little patience when it comes to brewing mead.

Image via Iron Gate Studio

A majority of the crafting and food recipes you make in Valheim happen instantly. You don’t have to wait too long for a smelter to meltdown copper or tin into ingots or for a crafting bench to finish making your new sword or harvesting tool. However, the mead works a bit differently. It takes several days for mead to finish, but is there an exact timer for it? It’s not displayed on the fermenter when you interact with it.

Fermentation timer

It takes two to three in-game days in Valheim for mead to finish brewing, from what we can tell. Because of how long the timer can take and the entire process of making a full batch of mead, we recommend dedicating enough resources to create multiple fermenters in your home. By having more than one, you’ll find yourself with several batches of mead.

Mead in Valheim becomes increasingly important as you explore the game. They’re basically your potions and provide ways to instantly gain back your health or increase your frost or poison resistance. What’s a huge benefit to these recipes is that they do not fill your stomach. When you drink a healing mead, your stomach doesn’t fill up. While you won’t increase your health or stamina gauges with them, you can use them in the middle of a fight to survive.

You’ll need plenty of honey and berries to craft mead. We recommend setting up a base close to where you can find large patches of berry bushes in the Meadows and Black Forest regions. As for the honey, you can craft beehives in your home and reliably harvest them from these hives without having to find them somewhere in your world. You do need a queen bee to make them, though.