What is the install size of Demon’s Souls on PlayStation 5?


Demon's Souls

PlayStation 5 owners are going to spend an entire generation of gaming being extremely interested in the install size of games. This just goes with the territory when you need to fit everything that interests you onto an SSD. Sony is heading us off at the pass for launch titles and has already revealed the install size of Demon’s Souls, which is part of their launch lineup on November 12.

You will need 66 GB of space to install Demon’s Souls on your PS5, which isn’t very much considering the next-generation console will have 825 GB of space on the SSD. In fact, that turns out to be around 8% of the total SSD space that is available in both versions of the console.

Visually, the game really does look beautiful, putting all the power of the PS5 to good use to bring us a visual experience that has been enhanced in every way. New textures, lighting, and character models combine with improved frame rates and resolutions to provide a beautiful iteration of the game that it truly deserves. As such, 66 GB seems like a fair compromise for a game that looks this good.

The Demon’s Souls remake currently looks very promising, although gamers who have never played it before may be in for something of a shock, even if they have played other games in the series. The trademark difficulty of Demon’s Souls is at a whole other level due to the intense grind to progress your character and multiple hidden mechanics that can alter the game state and increase the difficulty.

For now, we won’t know if any of these mechanics have been changed until we get to jump into the game, but we certainly hope that the brutal level of difficulty remains intact.