What is the Max G Rank per character in Holocure?

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While Holocure borrows most of its core gameplay mechanics from Vampire Survivors, it uses a different character unlock system that involves gacha and G Rank. The gacha portion is how you obtain a new character, similar to Genshin Impact. Furthermore, much like how you can earn Constellations for getting the same character in Genshin, Holocure grants you a G Rank Up for the duplicate gacha pull. For each G Rank, the VTuber will receive a 1% boost in her HP, ATK, and SPD. However, many might wonder how far you are able to scale up a character’s stats with this enhancement mechanic.

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Reaching max G Rank stat bonus in Holocure

Reaching G Rank with Gura in Holocure
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According to the in-game description in the gacha Shop of Holocure, the maximum G Rank for a character is not mentioned, but the bonuses in HP, ATK, and SPD are capped at 20%. We can confirm this limitation with our testing for Gura, who was at G Rank 103 in a modified save file. After getting her duplicate gacha pull to reach G Rank 104, we re-checked her stats and found they remained unchanged. In other words, you can pull a VTuber beyond a G Rank 100+, but her stats will stay fixed at +20% for HP, ATK, and SPD. Just as the official description does not mention Crit, this particular does not increase when pulling a duplicate. 

In the explanation above, we mentioned that you can continue increasing a character’s G Rank in Holocure even after they have already passed their cap bonus of +20%. For instance, the Hololive EN Myth banner has five members: Mori, Kiara, Ina, Gura, and Ame. With the modified save file we are using, we pulled over 500 times, which should go beyond the 20% stat bonuses for all five characters. However, the Holocure still allows us to pull from Myth, despite there being no outfits or stat bonuses left to receive. Therefore, be careful not to waste currency on pulling VTubers if you manage to max out a banner.