What is the release date and price of the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S?

It’s finally that time of year.

Image via Xbox

The release dates and prices for both of the next-generation Xbox consoles are finally leaked. This includes both the Xbox Series X, along with the heavily-rumored and partially-leaked Xbox Series S. Aside from the much-anticipated information, it appears that fans can also catch a glimpse of what the lesser-known console looks like.

Xbox Series X release date and price

Update: In a post on Xbox’s Twitter, the tech giant confirmed the $499 price point for the Series X. Those confident in buying the product can pre-order it on September 22.

via Xbox’s Twitter

Also, Microsoft confirmed the alleged payment plan for those a part of All-Access. If you’re in the program, not only will you be getting your hands on the next-gen console, but also Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. This membership will include over 100 games and full access to EA Play – a library of EA titles that features entries from the Madden, FIFA, and Battlefield series, among others.

Original Story Continues: According to the details accessed by Windows Central, the high-powered Xbox SKU, Xbox Series X, will reportedly release on November 10, 2020, at the price of $499. There will also be a payment option for Xbox All-Access members, in which those who join can pay $35 per month, instead of dishing out the full price upfront. The relatively high price-point comes as no surprise, with it being a 12 teraflop system and able to support standard 4K resolution and 60 frames per second. However, with this power, some games on the console, like Halo: Infinite, will reach 120 frames per second

Xbox Series S release date, price, and design

Update: Microsoft has officially confirmed Xbox Series S and the $299 price tag, and promised to share more details on the console soon. The release date for Xbox Series S has been confirmed for November 10, with the ability to pre-order September 22. Although the less-powerful SKU, Xbox released a video onto their YouTube channel displaying the capabilities of the S.

via Xbox’s Youtube’s channel

Original Story Continues: Windows Central further reports that the Xbox Series S, the lower-spec SKU, will reportedly launch alongside the Series X on November 10, but at a more appealing $299. However, the leaks do not stop there. Journalist and Youtuber Brad Sams posted a video to his channel that gives off more information about the weaker SKU and an image that further supports its leaked price.

In the video, Sams states that the Series S is a tad smaller than the Series X and has its air ventilation on the side of the system. Also, the console will launch in a snow-white variant, rather than the Series X’s coal-black. This SKU will also have a financing option for All-Access members, but will reportedly be $25 per month.

via Brad Sams’ YouTube channel

Microsoft has yet to reveal any information regarding pre-ordering these consoles, nor have they officially spoken of the Series S in any capacity. However, fans were first confident that the weaker sidekick of the two existed when the packaging of newer controllers mentioned the product