What is the release date for DogLife?

Dog life is best life.

Image via Candywriter

From the creators of BitLife comes DogLife, a simulation game where you’ll be able to play as a dog and become the best companion possible. There will be over 50 different dog breeds from you to pick from, where you’ll be able to experience life like a dog to see what it’s like to be a human’s best friend. What is the release date for DogLife, and is it coming to Android and iPhone devices?

So far, we know that the release date for DogLife will happen sometime in November. However, the Candywriter development team doesn’t like to share precise release dates with their players unless they can give you a solid answer. So the fact they’re willing to share it’ll happen sometime in November is helpful and ensures we can expect it on this timetable.

We’ll be learning more details about the game leading up to it, and Candywriter is likely planning to wait for the end of October to offer a more accurate date. The team also hasn’t shared too many details about how the gameplay. We suspect it’ll be similar to BitLife, where you have to do daily activities to complete tasks. Because you play as a dog, the ‘age up’ mechanic will be every three months because dogs usually only live for 11 to 15 years. We also don’t know how, or if, jobs are going to be included.

We’ll be updating this guide with an exact release date when we learn more details from Candywriter.