What is the release date for Elite Dangerous Odyssey on PC?

Standby for foot fall!

Image via Frontier

Elite Dangerous players have been looking forward to the Odyssey update since it was first revealed in June 2020. The update will add new planetary rendering, quality of life changes, and the most important boots on the ground first-person interactions through combat and other activities.

The Elite Dangerous Odyssey expansion will release on PC release before the end of the fiscal year (May 19, 2021). Players will be able to experience the many features to be included with the Odyssey update much sooner than expected.

Content and features

According to the details announced and shown through live streams, video, news updates, and the alpha itself. We can expect to experience the following features when the Odyssey update drops.

  • Atmospheric landings and on-foot activities – Take part in various missions and activities on foot at planetary settlements and distant worlds throughout the galaxy.
  • Concourses – Starports, orbital outposts, Asteroid Bases, and Planetary Posts now have public common areas where players can interact with one another, purchase equipment and ships, and sell certain commodities. These concourses even offer access to the new Apex Interstellar Transport NPC taxi service.
  • Equipment – New equipment has been added specifically for on-foot activities via four different suit types depending on the activity, consumables, weapons, and tools.
  • Settlements – Planetary settlements have received a complete overhaul to facilitate the on-foot activities available in this update. The settlement type determines the overall layout, the kind of NPCs you can find, as well as the overall range of activities available to you.
  • Stellar Forge improvements – The engine that powers the game has received some major upgrades to help create realistic and beautiful planetary bodies to experience.
  • Additional changes – Two new Pilot Federation Ranks have been added; Mercenary and Exobiologist. The in-game docking computers can now automatically land your ship on planetary surfaces, as well as complete redesigns of numerous game interfaces.