What is the release date for Hildryn Prime in Warframe?

The stalwart shield maiden.

Image via Digital Extremes

Hildryn gets a new look for Prime Access in Warframe, the first-person shooter developed by Digital Extremes. Hildryn is a cyborg from the far future depicted in Warframe, known for delivering death from above and is nicknamed the stalwart shield maiden. Hildryn Prime is an alternate look for the character, and the Hildryn Prime Access comes with her new appearance, plus exclusive weaponry and accessories. For fans who are dying to get Hildryn Prime, they, fortunately, don’t have to wait long as the Hildryn Prime Access will become available later this month.

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When is the release date of Hildryn Prime in Warframe?

Screenshot by Gamepur

The developers at Digital Extremes are currently working on the massive Warframe Duviri Paradox expansion, which has been in development and teased for years. The Hildryn Prime Access will serve as an appetizer for the greater Duviri Paradox, with Hildryn Prime entering Prime Access a month before Duviri Paradox is set to launch. Hildryn Prime is coming to Prime Access on all platforms on March 15.

Alongside Hildryn Prime herself, players with access to Prime Access will get her signature Prime Weapon Larkspur Prime, Shade Prime Sentinel, exclusive Prime Accessories, and Affinity Boosters. Larkspur Prime is a weapon that is a mixture of chain fire and explosives, with Hildryn packing more ammo when she wields it. Shade Prime is a sentinel, a hovering robotic companion specializing in stealth, and it comes loaded with a Burst Laser Prime. The Hildryn Prime Access also comes with exclusive Hildryn Prime Glyphs.

Though fans are excited about the Hildryn Prime bonuses and accessories, the real anticipation comes for the new Duviri Paradox Expansion features. Duviri Paradox offers players a new entry point in the game, taking place in alternate dimensions. After initially teasing the expansion in 2019, Digital Extremes released a trailer for the game on March 3, showcasing the gameplay for the expansion and the new roguelike mechanics players can participate.