What is the release date of the Dead Space remake?

The Necromorphs might be looming closer than you think.

Image via EA

The development of EA’s remake of Dead Space is progressing apace, and anxious fans will be wondering when they can get their hands on this upgraded version of one of the most spine-chilling horror titles of recent memory. Thankfully, in among a selection of new trailers and details, the company has seen fit to pin a release date on this hotly-anticipated game.

What is the release date for Dead Space?

After initially being slated for a release in 2022, the release date for the Dead Space remake has shifted to January 27, 2023. This means that the game will miss the traditionally lucrative holiday season, but with the amount of excitement surrounding this remake, it’s likely to make a splash anyway.

Is this a Dead Space remake or remaster?

The Dead Space remake is a total upgrade from the ground up, utilizing new technology to breathe new life into the 14-year-old game. With new graphics and updated atmospheric audio that will let you know exactly when a Necromorph is about to eat your face, it seems EA is attempting to retain the tension and atmosphere of the game while giving a fresh coat of paint to a title regularly touted as one of the best survival horror games ever. It has also promised “new gameplay content and improvements,” though it’s as yet unclear what that may entail. With luck the remake will include some much-needed accessibility options like the remake of The Last of Us Part 1, allowing new horror fans to play this much-loved game.

If January 2023 is too long for you to wait for your dose of space-faring sci-fi horror, you could do worse than checking out the brainchild of series creator Glen Schofield. The Callisto Protocol is slated for a December release, though Schofield’s recent comments about crunch culture in the gaming industry may give you food for thought on whether to pick it up.