What is the Shield Icon in Gotham Knights?

Break down their guard.

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When battling against more formidable enemies in Gotham Knights, you’ll encounter a shield icon that will appear when you attempt to hit them. The shield icon is an important indicator that may make some battles harder for you to overcome. This guide will cover the shield icon in Gotham Knights and what you need to know about it.

How the Shield Icon works in Gotham Knights

If you’re hitting an enemy and the shield icon pops up, you will do no damage to them every time you hit them. They are showing they are blocking the attack, and you are making no progress against them in a fight. You will typically encounter this when battling against minibosses, such as the Freaks Bulldozer unit with a large shield capable of knocking you down to the ground.

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The only way to bypass these attacks and to make any progress against units like this is to hit them with a Heavy attack. You can use a Heavy Melee or a Heavy Ranged attack. Both choices will break this unit’s guard, opening them up so you can hit them with regular attacks for a short time. However, bypassing these defenses won’t last forever. They will resume their defensive stance, and you will see them holding a shield to protect themselves from you after you land several hits. You should expect to use another Heavy attack to knock the shield away.

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If you see a red indicator surrounding this unit, you can expect them to hit you with a significant attack, forcing you to dodge. After successfully dodging this attack, wait for them to get out of the animation, and then you can hit them with a Heavy attack, knocking them off balance. This has been one of the better ways of defeating these powerful units, making your job of eliminating these minibosses much easier.