Where to find Freaks to interrogate in Gotham Knights

You have questions, and they have answers.

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The Freaks are one of the more notable criminal gangs in Gotham Knights. They are located throughout the streets, attempting to make several problems for the citizens, and they will be ready to fight against any heroes who want to stop them. Early in the story, you’ll need to interrogate Freaks to progress the story. Here’s what you need to know about where to find Freaks to interrogate in Gotham Knights.

How to find Freaks in Gotham Knights

There are two ways for you to find Freaks in Gotham Knights. They can appear in random locations where they have a presence in the city, or they might be actively committing crimes, which you can stop. You’ll be able to see what faction is committing a specific crime, but we recommend looking for them while exploring the map, as they contain better leads. If you attempt to go after a criminal while they are committing a crime, you might mess up completing the bonus objectives when stopping a crime.

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When exploring any territory, investigate which faction has a presence there. A graffiti “F” symbol will designate the Freaks, such as Bristol, Gotham Heights, Robinson Park, Old Gotham, the Financial District, and Southside.

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Once you’re in their region, it all comes down to zooming in on the map and looking for the white triangles. These locations will have smaller crimes happening in Gotham City, but it also gives you an idea of where you can find individuals to interrogate. Before attacking a group, hold down the AR button, examine each criminal, and find the one with the white question mark above their head; you will be able to interrogate these characters.

After you’ve interrogated the correct Freak, the objective for the Weird Science quest will be completed, and you can progress to the next step. If you need to locate Freaks to find out what crimes they’re committing in Gotham, you will follow the same process for this quest, and then you’ll need to wait another night to go on patrol to find those crimes and prevent them from happening.