What is the Trophy System in Call of Duty: Mobile? CoD: Mobile Trophy System, explained

The real trophy is staying alive.

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Image via Activision Blizzard

The Trophy System is a Call of Duty item that is practically inseparable from the franchise at this point, having featured in most modern mainline Call of Duty titles to date, and in Call of Duty: Mobile. Unlike its name may suggest, it is not about achievements, but rather about protecting you from incoming projectiles like similar items in other shooter games. The Trophy System is a deployable Tactical device that Call of Duty: Mobile players can use to counter explosive weapons and Scorestreaks.

The Trophy System is unlocked when you reach level 45 in Call of Duty Mobile. It can intercept up to two projectiles, which may be rockets, grenades (including non-lethals), Crossbow bolts, or even thrown melee weapons, but it does nothing against shots from normal weapons. After its two charges are spent, it self-destructs. It can also be destroyed prematurely by enemy players.

Unlike analogous items like Wattson’s Interception Pylon in Apex Legends, the Trophy System in Call of Duty: Mobile doesn’t simply make incoming projectiles disappear but rather shoots them out of the air with a shotgun-like blast, which hits for 60 damage if all pellets connect. This means that players who stand between incoming projectiles and the Trophy System can get hurt and sometimes even killed by the very device which was supposed to watch their back.