What time does Fortnite’s The Device event start?

When will Midas reveal whatever is up his golden sleeves?


After a couple of delays, The Device event is nearly upon us in Fortnite. The whole season has been building to this moment, a new in-game event that will fill in some of the blanks in the ongoing battle between Ghost and Shadow. Midas will finally play his hand, revealing whatever plan he has been coming up with to try and put a stop to Shadow.

The Device event will begin in Fortnite at 11 am PT/2 pm ET on June 15. As always, Epic recommended that you jump into the event 30 minutes before it starts, to ensure you get a spot in the event that will set the tone of the game for the next few months.

This event is unlikely recent musical events the game has held, and will only be happening once, with no replays. If you miss it in the game, you will be relying on Streamers and Youtubers to experience it. Truthfully, there is nothing quite like witnessing these events in the game itself, so be sure you arrive early to get a seat.

As for what will happen during The Device event, that is still a mystery. Midas could be trying to stop shadow by turning back time, or he could be using The Device to try and destroy all their bases and wipe them off the map. There is also strong evidence that something disastrous is about to occur, as No Sweat Insurance signs have been appearing all over the map.

The last time we saw No Sweat Insurance, they were the harbingers of destruction for Tilted Towers, shortly before the entire town was wiped off the map by a volcano. The Device event is sure to be quite the sight, and will more than likely have a far-reaching impact on the game when the new season begins on June 17, so make sure you are there to witness it for yourself.