What’s in the August 2020 Gold Pass in Clash of Clans?

Get ready to rock those rewards.

Clash of Clash Gold Pass August

Screengrab via Supercell

August is here, which means that Clash of Clans is back with a brand new Gold Pass for this month. Gold, Elixir, Dark Elixir, and potions await as those wanting to get the most out of the game can get this extremely good value for money season pass. 

With the purchase of a Gold Pass, you can get up to a massive 20% off all time and money required for the building and upgrading of your villages, training and queuing troops to send into battle, and research for your army. This is rounded off with the one gem donations, meaning that handling out Electro Dragons and top troop donations will cost you fewer resources than it takes to chop down a pesky tree. 

It’s only $4.99, but the free pass that will provide free Gold, Elixir, and Dark Elixir over both of your villages and the occasional potion, is still there too.

For completing the Gold Pass this month, you will receive an award fit for a King as you will receive the Party Barbarian King skin, complete with an electric guitar ax and rockstar glasses. Pretty cool, huh? There’s also a new statue for the first tier of the free pass, which shows a giant with some cake to continue festivities for Supercell’s 10th Birthday.

Here’s what’s in the Gold Pass for August 2020 in Clash of Clans.

Challenge PointsFree PassGold Pass
401 Gem Donations
80“A Piece of Birthday Cake” Statue10% Research Boost (reduces cost and Laboratory research time by 10%)
12010% Builder Boost (reduces building upgrade time and cost by 10%)
160Training Potion10% Training Boost (reduces cost training time by 10%)
200Bigger Season Bank (increases to 10m Gold & Elixir, 100k Dark Elixir)
260Power PotionBook of Fighting
320Book of Spells
380500,000 GoldShovel of Obstacles
4406x Wall Ring
500500,000 ElixirPower Potion
580Hero Potion
6605,000 Dark ElixirResearch Potion
740Resource Potion
820Clock Tower PotionTraining Potion
900Bigger Season Bank (increases to 15m Gold & Elixir, 150k Dark Elixir)
980Research Potion15% Research Boost (increased from 10%)
106015% Training Boost (increased from 10%)
1140Hero Potion15% Builder Boost (increased from 10%)
12206x Wall Ring
13001,000,000 GoldBigger Season Bank (increases to 20m Gold & Elixir, 200k Dark Elixir)
1400Builder Potion
15001,000,000 Elixir20% Research Boost (increased from 15%)
160020% Training Boost (increased from 15%)
170010,000 Dark Elixir20% Builder Boost (increased from 15%)
1850Bigger Season Bank (increases to 25m Gold & Elixir, 250k Dark Elixir)
2000Builder PotionRune of Gold
2150Rune of Elixir
230015,000 Dark ElixirRune of Dark Elixir
2450Book of Everything
2600Book of HeroesUnlocks the Party King Skin