What’s in the July 2020 Gold Pass in Clash of Clans?

Reward yourself.

Clash of Clans July Challenges

Image via Supercell

We are firmly into the Summer months, which means sunshine and feel-good vibes. As July begins, so does a brand new Clash of Clans Gold Pass, and with it the promise of a number of fantastic goodies that will leave any eager Clash of Clans player with more resources than you can shake a stick at. 

As usual, the Gold Pass offers a whopping 20% off all time and money required for the building and upgrading of your villages, training and queuing troops to send into battle, and research for your army to make them even stronger. Not only this, but all donations cost just one gem, meaning that you don’t have to splash out on town resources to provide everyone in your Clan with cheap Electro Dragons. 

At just $4.99, it’s still fantastic value for money, though, for those that are not interested in buying the pass, there is a free pass that will provide free Gold, Elixir, and Dark Elixir over both of your villages, as well as the occasional potion. This month sees many potions offered up early in the free pass, a great opportunity to refill magic potion stocks.

This month’s skin from completing the battle pass comes in the form of the Gladiator Warden skin, clad in a breastplate, and a pike compared to his usual robe and staff. Whether this will begin a new set of Gladiator skins or join with the existing one, we will have to wait and see.

Here’s what’s in the Gold Pass for July 2020 in Clash of Clans.

Challenge PointsFree PassGold Pass
401 Gem Donations
80Power Potion10% Training Boost (reduces cost training time by 10%)
12010% Research Boost (reduces cost and Laboratory research time by 10%)
160Hero Potion10% Builder Boost (reduces building upgrade time and cost by 10%)
200Book of Building
260Training PotionBook of Spells
320Book of Fighting
3805,000 Dark ElixirShovel of Obstacles
440Bigger Season Bank (increases to 10m Gold & Elixir, 100k Dark Elixir)
500500,000 Elixir6x Wall Ring
580Hero Potion
660500,000 GoldPower Potion
740Research Potion
82010,000 Dark Elixir15% Training Boost (increased from 10%)
900Bigger Season Bank (increases to 15m Gold & Elixir, 150k Dark Elixir)
9801,000,000 Elixir15% Research Boost (increased from 10%)
106015% Builder Boost (increased from 10%)
11401,000,000 GoldBuilder Potion
12202x Training Potion
130015,000 Dark ElixirBigger Season Bank (increases to 20m Gold & Elixir, 200k Dark Elixir)
14006x Wall Ring
15001,500,000 Elixir20% Training Boost (increased from 15%)
160020% Research Boost (increased from 15%)
17001,500,000 Gold20% Builder Boost (increased from 15%)
1850Bigger Season Bank (increases to 25m Gold & Elixir, 250k Dark Elixir)
20001,000,000 Builder GoldRune of Builder Gold
2150Rune of Builder Elixir
23001,000,000 Dark ElixirRune of Gold
2450Rune of Dark Elixir
2600Book of HeroesUnlocks the Gladiator Warden Skin