When can you play as a ghost in Ghostbusters: Spirits Unleashed?

Rather than bustin’ ghost, become one instead.

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The main premise of Ghostbusters: Spirits Unleashed is that you can either play as a member of the ghostbusters and hunt down ghosts or be the ghost and run away from the hunters. When you first step into the iconic Ghostbusters firehouse, you are already a member of the world-famous team. However, you can’t play as a ghost as soon as you start the game; you first need to play the game for a little while to unlock being a ghost.

How to play as a ghost in Ghostbusters: Spirits Unleashed

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You need access to Tobin’s Spirit Guide to become a ghost. The book will be at Ray’s shop, but it won’t become available to you until you play the game for a while. You should either play a match on all the available maps as a ghostbuster or reach past Level 10 on your profile. It doesn’t matter if you play online with friends or offline by yourself; as long as you play long enough, Ray will eventually call you over to his shop once you’re back at the firehouse.

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When Ray calls you over, a marker will show up at his shop. Walk to his shop to see a cutscene, and Tobin’s Spirit Guide will be available for you to interact with on Ray’s counter. Tobin is a notorious figurehead in the Ghostbuster lore, and his book is a vital source of information about spirits. Interacting with the Guide Book in Spirits Unleashed for the first time will teleport you to a spirit realm, where you are turned into a ghost.

Tobin’s Spirit Guide comes alive, and another cutscene plays. You then have to go through a tutorial on how to play as a ghost. Interacting with the Rift in the spirit realm allows you to select a map and set up a match where you are the ghost, and your enemies are a team of ghostbusters. Once Ray calls you over, you cannot select a new job as a ghostbuster until you finish Tobin’s tutorial and return from the spirit realm.