When will Fortnite be back up for Chapter 3 Season 1?

It’s all gone pear-shaped.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Now that the Fortnite servers have gone down, and the final moments of Chapter 2 Season 8 have played out, the question on everyone’s lips is “When do the servers come back up for Chapter 3”. Right now, nobody really knows.

It is suspected that the servers will come back on December 7, but that seems like a very long time for them to be down. For previous events, the game has been offline for a day or two, but three might be a bit of a stretch. That said, the entire map has changed, and there will be plenty of updating and maintenance to be done on the backend as the live build of the new Chapter is rolled out.

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The final moments of the game saw that island flip over, revealing a completely new island on the other side. All new landmarks, named locations, and places of interest mean that Chapter 3 will be very different. It also seems that the more traditional biomes are returning, as the map has clear snowy, desert, and grass areas, similar to Chapter 1.

While we currently appear to be adrift in the sea after getting hit by a massive wave caused by the island flipping over, there is nothing to do but wait until we get some updates on when the game will be back online from Epic.

An important issue to keep in mind that could affect the downtime is that Fortnite is making the transition to Unreal Engine 5 with the new Chapter. This means that players get a prettier, better running game, but could also mean some potential backend complications. This could possibly explain why Epic is loath to commit to a time just yet.