When Does Diablo 4 Season of Blood Begin?

When can you jump into the blood soaked second season of Diablo 4?


Image via Blizzard

Diablo 4 Season of Blood is coming, bringing a slew of new content and changes to the game in what looks to be a promising season for players. There will be new seasonal quests, mechanics, and a ton of quality-of-life improvements players have been using for, and so far, reception has been positive.

You might be interested in jumping into the new season but aren’t sure when it goes live. We’ve got the answer for you in this guide.

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What Is the Start Date for Diablo 4 Season of Blood?

Image via Blizzard

Season of Blood will begin on October 17, the same day the current season, The Season of the Malignant, will end. It’s looking like there are no plans for a seasonal break between each season, so as long as the game is stable enough on the day, you can expect to roll right into the Season of Blood on the day.

As explained in previous live streams, players who want to take part in the seasonal content will need to roll a new character with the season and start from level one. However, thanks to several changes to Renown rewards and EXP gains coming in the season patch, this is far less painful than it has been in Season 1.

The next major patch for Diablo 4 will likely arrive a few days before the release of Season of Blood, so not only can you jump in to see some of the new changes in action a bit earlier, but you can also expect it to make the transition between seasons much easier. With that said, don’t expect it to be a smooth time jumping into the game, as there will likely be some queues and network issues as everyone jumps on at once.

As for what you need to do before the season kicks off, our only recommendations are to finish the seasonal story and advance the battle pass as far as you can, as the rewards and content available will be gone once the season is over.

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On top of that, with Renown rewards carrying over now, we recommend you complete any content with high Renown rewards like Strongholds and get as many of the bonuses unlocked as you can before the new season begins. That way, you will be going into the season prepared and with a lot of extra potions and skill points ready.