When does Season of Defiance start in Destiny 2?

The Darkness will not win.

Image via Bungie

Destiny 2’s Year 6 coverage is going to be packed with changes, and it all starts with Season of Defiance. This is the first season in Year 6, following the Lightfall expansion. You’ll have a chance to begin playing for several weeks, and you should expect several heavy story beats that go along with the events of Lightfall. Here’s what you need to know about when the Season of Defiance starts in Destiny 2.

When does Destiny 2 Season 20 begin?

Bungie has confirmed that Season 20, Season of Defiance, will kick off at the same time as Lightfall. This will happen on February 28, so not only do players have the Lightfall content to look forward to, the first days of a brand new season are going to happen, making for a packed first few days for all eager Destiny 2 players.

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A significant change coming to Season of Defiance is the removal of Umbral Engrams and Umbral Energies, which were a core part of the seasonal activity rotation. Instead of using those, you’ll earn specific keys tied to seasonal activity chests. So long as you have a key and you complete a seasonal activity, the chest at the end will provide you with a valuable piece of equipment, unlocking better rewards. Bungie made this change to drive more interacting with these critical activities rather than having players focus entirely on the farm and then return to seasonal vendors. The keys you earn will be the real ticket to unlocking these chests, and they will be tough to find.

Season of the Defiance also marks the change to removing vendor upgrades, as they will be removed in Season 21, Season of the Deep. But, for now, they remain.

A lot is coming to Season of the Defiance, but it all starts on February 28. Hopefully, it won’t be fighting for our attention while working through the Lightfall story, and we explore Neptune using Strand.