When does the Rising Heroes season start in Pokémon Go?

A new season begins.

Image via Niantic

The 10th season of Pokémon Go is called Rising Heroes and will introduce a handful of legendary Pokémon to the mobile game. Regieleki and Regidrago will debut in the game, and players will have the opportunity to catch a Melmetal that knows Double Iron Bash and much more. Here’s what you need to know about when the Rising Heroes season starts in Pokémon Go.

The Rising Heroes season start date in Pokémon Go

It has been confirmed that the Rising Heroes season will start on March 1. This will happen in your local area at 10 AM. It will begin in certain parts of the world before others, giving some players a headstart to find the new rotation of Pokémon that are spawning in the wild and a handful of raids appearing in the event. For the start of Rising Heroes, Incarnate Forme Tornadus will occur from March 1 to 8 alongside Mega Charizard Y in Mega Raids.

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Those two will be headlining the start of the season, which means players can likely expect to encounter the other Forces of Nature legendary Pokémon, such as Thundurus and Landorus. We don’t know if their Therian Formes will appear, but there’s a good chance they could return to the mobile game.

A new season of Battle League also starts, with the Great Cup and the Fantasy Cup showing up on March 1. This will be available to every player beginning at 12 PM PT, so everyone has a bit of time to prepare their teams for the big event.

The big focus of the event will be the exclusive Timed Research ticket that players can purchase at the start. The seasonal ticket gives you access to a Melmetal to learn the Double Iron Bash charged attack and an avatar costume featuring Willow’s new outfit.

The Rising Heroes season starts on March 1 at 10 AM and ends on June 1 at 10 AM in your local area.