When is Discord voice chat coming to PlayStation?

All the negative epithets you can muster, and soon.

Image via Discord

The community platform Discord has made itself a well-known entity within PC gaming over the years, offering nearly unparalleled voice chat and community organization functions for millions of users. Whether users are looking to intertwine themselves with hundreds of different communities, or simply host a small area on the internet for their friends to hop into voice chat and play some games, Discord is the unequivocal one-stop-shop.

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Discord has already made its way onto the Xbox platform, and now it appears that PlayStation is soon to follow. Sony President and CEO Jim Ryan has publicly stated that ‘Sony Interactive has made a minority investment as part of Discord’s Series H round.’ Users can expect the console to receive an update allowing for Discord use on March 8, 2023. The update is marked as 7.00, and will offer integration on the PlayStation 5.

Image via Discord

Images from the update have trickled online, however, hinting that the Discord integration may not be equal for both the PlayStation 4 and the PlayStation 5. The image, pulled from Discord’s mobile application, shows that PlayStation 4 users will only be able to show the title that they are playing within the application, and not use voice chat. PlayStation 5 integration, as it currently appears, will both show the title of the game currently being played along with offering voice chat.

Whether the platform integration will eventually make its way backwards into the PlayStation 4 is not immediately apparent, but doesn’t seem likely. The widespread use of Discord for PC gamers and Xbox gamers, makes it seem clear that Discord would eventually have a home within the Sony economy. Soon PlayStation users will also be able to inform teammates of how disappointed they are in their performance, in crystal clear quality.