When is the daily reset time for Tower of Fantasy? Answered

Watch your clock.

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There are a lot of moving parts to massive online RPGs like Tower of Fantasy. Between the game’s seasonal and daily content, there is a lot to keep in mind as a player wanting to get the most out of the game that they can. There is a daily rotation for the sign-in bonus, bounties, and a daily level cap. But at what time does everything reset in Tower of Fantasy?

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What is the reset time for Tower of Fantasy every day?

The daily reset time for Tower of Fantasy is at 5 AM Eastern Time. Below is a list of conversions for what time that might be for you in your time zone.

  • Eastern Time – 5 AM
  • Central Time – 4 AM
  • Mountain Time – 3 AM
  • Pacific Time – 2 AM
  • Central European Time – 10 AM
  • India Standard Time – 2:30 PM
  • Australian Eastern Time – 7 PM

Once the above time passes in your time zone, you will be able to find new content in Tower of Fantasy. Your daily level cap will reset, you can claim your next daily rewards and supplies, and bounties will change to the next rotation.

For those in America, these times are pretty standard for a game to reset its daily clock. Many games do the reset close to this time, if not exactly at this point, so it is not that surprising for some Americans to have to wait until close to sunrise for a new batch of content. If you can manage it, you should have plenty of chances throughout the day to access all content that Tower of Fantasy is offering before it changes. Before that happens, you can try to attempt content you have beaten all over again for more rewards.