When is the release date of Kingdom Hearts: Missing Link?

The game’s closed beta will be released for select regions.

Image via Square Enix and Disney

Kingdom Hearts: Missing Link is the next mobile game for the franchise, and it looks like an impressive leap from Union X. With Unreal Engine console-quality graphics, this may be something even the weariest of mobile games may be into.

Kingdom Hearts: Missing Link will be entering a closed beta sometime in Fall 2022, according to toro_cocoron0te. There is currently no word on when this foreteller era title will release for everyone. It will be released on both iOS and Android for “select regions” while the closed beta is in effect. Other titles like Disney Mirrorverse followed this strategy with an early release in Canada before everyone around the world.

In Kingdom Hearts: Missing Link, we’ll be exploring the final world of KH3, Scala ad Caelum, with a real-world Pokemon Go-esque GPS format. Also, it will also come with a battling system similar to the console games and a new, original story that will likely tie into the events of Kingdom Hearts IV.

Recently, there has been speculation on the Kingdom Hearts IV trailer having a world based on Star Wars’ Endor. This has not been confirmed by either Square Enix or Disney, but the evidence fans have come up with is convincing. We don’t have an official release date or even the intended platforms for Kingdom Hearts IV as of the time of writing.