When is the release date of Meet Your Maker?

Raid, build, repeat.


Image via Behaviour Interactive

Meet Your Maker is Behaviour Interactive’s first person base building and raiding title. Players must raid outposts for precious genetic material and build their own to farm it for their Chimera. This guide explains when the release date of Meet Your Maker is, so you can prepare yourself for the carnage and start planning out your builds.

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Meet Your Maker launch window

Image via Behaviour Interactive

At the time of writing, the only release window we have for Meet Your Maker is 2023. The game is almost ready for players to jump into and enjoy, but it needs more work and development alongside the community before it can be released. However, Behaviour Interactive also announced a closed alpha playtest when it revealed the game. During this closed alpha, which starts on August 23, you’ll be able to jump into the game and build your own base before raiding others, helping the developer squash any bugs in the code and getting a good idea of how everything works ahead of the official release.

In Meet Your Maker, your goal is to steal as much genetic material as possible and feed it to your Chimera. You achieve this by raiding outposts other players have built to farm the precious resource. The more you raid, the more genetic material you’ll gather, and the bigger your Chimera will grow. Raids can also yield building resources, which you can use to create a monstrous deathtrap of an outpost for other players to raid.

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Each time a player dies in your outpost, you’ll be rewarded. Of course, if you only want to focus on raiding for a few days, you can do so with no pressure to put any time into building. If all you want to do is build, though, you’ll need to put some time into raiding to ensure you have enough resources to work with.