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When is the release date of Meet Your Maker?

Raid, build, repeat.

Meet Your Maker is Behaviour Interactive’s first-person base building and raiding title. Players must raid outposts for precious genetic material and build their own bases to farm for their Chimera. This guide explains when the release date of Meet Your Maker is, so you can prepare yourself for the carnage and start planning out your builds.

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What is the release date for Meet Your Maker?

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Behaviour Interactive has confirmed that Meet Your Maker will launch on PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PS4, and PS5 on April 4. The game will also be part of the monthly lineup of games available with Sony’s PlayStation Plus subscription, so players on PlayStation will get the game on the day of release for no additional cost.

Following a successful closed alpha for the game, Behaviour Interactive doesn’t seem to have needed to delay the game whatsoever. This includes the simultaneous release schedule, which will mean the player base can grow and interact with each other no matter what system they’re on from day one.

In Meet Your Maker, your goal is to steal as much genetic material as possible and feed it to your Chimera. You achieve this by raiding outposts other players have built to farm their precious resources. The more you raid, the more genetic material you’ll gather, and the bigger your Chimera will grow. Raids can also yield building resources, which you can use to create a monstrous deathtrap of an outpost for other players to raid.

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Each time a player dies in your outpost, you’ll be rewarded. Of course, if you only want to focus on raiding for a few days, you can do so with no pressure to put any time into building. If all you want to do is build, though, you’ll need to put some time into raiding to ensure you have enough resources to work with. This has many advantages because you can earn more resources by clearing every room in a base. Likewise, you could only go for the heart of a base and emerge with your prize in hand, allowing you to tackle more bases in a shorter time period. The game is open for you to play however you want.

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