Why is The Clown unavailable in Dead by Daylight?

This is no laughing matter.


Screenshot by Gamepur

The Clown can be one of the scariest Killers in Dead by Daylight, depending on what terrifies you most. It uses potent elixirs to speed itself up and slow its victims, allowing it to get close and slash at them with a dirty blade. However, sometimes Killers become unavailable even if you’ve purchased them. This guide explains why The Clown is unavailable in Dead by Daylight and what to do to get it back.

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Why is The Clown unavailable?

Image via Behaviour Interactive

At the time of writing,¬†July 26, The Clown has been switched off in Dead by Daylight due to a bug that has increased its speed. This means it’s incredibly overpowered since it can also boost its speed using its power, allowing it to catch Survivors quicker than usual and make matches unplayable. Behaviour Interactive has addressed this and explained that The Clown would be made available once more when the bug has been identified and fixed with a patch.

The only thing you can do to get The Clown back in the game at this point in time is to wait. The issue was likely caused by the recent mid-Chapter update for Roots of Dread. While it should have been captured in the PTB phase, at least the developer has found it and is dealing with it.

When will The Clown be available to play again?

Image via Behaviour Studios

It’s unclear at the time of writing just how long it will take for a patch to be built and deployed that fixes The Clown across all platforms. The main problem is that a Killer being too fast ruins the careful balance of a Trial in Dead by Daylight. It makes everything much more difficult for Survivors, who already have to do the bulk of the work. Players need to have patience and simply wait for the Killer to be brought back online.