Where are the boat keys in Mendoza in Hitman 3?

Take the road… uhh I mean river less traveled.

In the Mendoza level of Hitman 3, you are tasked with protecting Diana Burnwood while also eliminating two people in power of the secret society Providence. Do so, and you can try to escape the mission in various ways, including grand theft auto, dancing the tango, and stealing a boat. Here is where you can find the boat keys in Mendoza and escape to earn the Lago Lurker challenge.

Before you can escape the Mendoza level, you need to eliminate the two targets, Don Yates and Tamara Vidal. If you are looking to complete this challenge and exit via the boat, we recommend killing Vidal first, as the boat is located nearby Don Yates’ villa. Looking for a new way to kill her? Follow the Tour story mission, and you can get rid of her in four different ways.

While you can kill Yates outside of his villa during either the Orator challenge or the Closing Statement story mission, for the fastest exfil, kill him in the estate. Whenever done, run outside and go down the way that leads away from the Asado. If you are in a mercenary outfit, you will need to be careful as there are more noticers here than anywhere else for that disguise. However, if you get into the flower field ahead, you can find a gaucho to swap outfits with to escape any heat you may be feeling.

Continue down the path, and you will see the boat at a dock. However, you have not got the key to use it yet. No worries, as the nearby shed has the key inside it, so you do not need to search around the map anymore.

If you are in a gaucho uniform, the guy on guard will start a fight if he sees you, so walk around the backside and climb through the window. The key is hanging up on the wall.

Climb back outside, distract the other gauchos, and interact with the boat to finish the level and complete the Lago Lurker challenge for 1,000 Mendoza mastery points.