Where is the Auction in Pet Simulator X

The new Auction in Roblox Pet Simulator X can be a huge time saver to sell one’s ultrarare Pet variants.

Standing in the Trading Plaza to View the Auction Board in Roblox Pet Simulator X

Screenshot by Gamepur

One of the main features added to Roblox Pet Simulator X during the February 2023 update is the Auction Board, a giant billboard that lets Pet Owners bid on each other’s ultra-rare Pets for Diamonds. The main appeal of this mechanic is that it allows players to cooperate on single transactions as a mass group rather than forming nonformal circles in the Trading Plaza and spamming the chat with their offers. As a result, the process of delivering high-value Pets from a seller to a buyer is significantly streamlined, resulting in all parties achieving quick satisfaction with their contribution to the exchange.

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Finding the Auction Board in Roblox Pet Simulator X

Finding and Using the Auction in Roblox Pet Simulator X
Screenshot by Gamepur

The new Auction Board in Roblox Pet Simulator X can be found within the Trading Plaza, an area accessible via the gate on the back right of Spawn World’s Shop. If you are new to the game, you will need first to reach the Impossible Rank and pay 1,000,000 Diamonds to enter this area. While this might sound like a lot to Roblox beginners, you can easily make this amount by frequently visiting the Rank Rewards Chest after it refreshes for hundreds of thousands of free Diamonds.

After entering the Trading Plaza, look to the back of the area to find the giant new Auction Board in Roblox Pet Simulator X. Whenever someone offers bids on their Roblox Pet, the billboard will display their initial price and a timer for the offer. During this time, you can either make your Diamond bid on the Pet or list your own within the queue. However, there is a notable restriction that might prevent many from using the Auction Board in Pet Simulator X. More specifically, when we attempted to auction our Mythical Valentine’s Bear, we received a pop-up message saying that only Huge and Titanic Pets can be auctioned. While we can still spend Diamonds in the Auction, we can only participate in selling if we own an ultrarare Huge or Titanic Pet.