How to use the Huge-A-Tron in Pet Simulator X

The Huge-A-Tron is a great way to create Huge Pets in Pet Simulator X if you are a “paying” Pet owner.

Standing in Front of the Huge-A-Tron in Pet Simulator X

Screenshot by Gamepur

Huge Pet variants in Roblox Pet Simulator X are hands down the best Pets you can obtain in the game, and the Huge-A-Tron is a convenient means that allows you to create a Huge Pet whenever you wish. Typically, Huge Pets are tied to BIG Games Shop merchandise, limited-time seasonal events, or extremely rare Egg drops, such as the Huge Balloon Cat from the Royal Egg. You also have a slight chance of acquiring a Huge Machine Egg from enrolling your Pets at the Daycare for six-hour durations. Conversely, the Huge-A-Tron is not restricted to any events or timed durations but does have one notable limitation.

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Unlocking the Huge-A-Tron in Pet Simulator X

Two Locations for the Huge-A-Tron in Pet Simulator X
Screenshot by Gamepur

First, before you can use the Huge-A-Tron, you must gain access to one of the two available machines in Roblox Pet Simulator X. The first is Spawn World’s western alcove opposite the fan art billboard and Daycare in Pet Simulator X. The area will be initially blocked by a wall that requires 10,000,00 Diamonds to be removed. Alternatively, you can unlock the Trading Plaza, accessible via the locked doorway at the back-right of The Shop. You must spend 1,000,000 Diamonds to enter the Trading Plaza, where you will find a second Huge-A-Tron atop a large stairway at the back of the courtyard.

Using the Huge-A-Tron in Pet Simulator X

Placing a Knife Cat into the Huge-A-Tron in Pet Simulator X
Screenshot by Gamepur

As mentioned above, using the Huge-A-Tron in Pet Simulator X comes with a significant limitation in Roblox. You are only able to place Exclusive Pets into the machine. Moreover, not every Exclusive Pet can be turned into a Huge variant. These include free Event Pets, like the Scary Corgi and Elf Cat. Instead, you can only use Exclusive Pets with a much higher rarity or those hatched from Eggs directly purchased from the Exclusive Shop. For instance, we were able to place our Exclusive Knife Cat into the Huge-A-Tron in Pet Simulator X for 1 Point.

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Speaking of Points, you must achieve the Huge-A-Tron’s minimum threshold of 50 Points before transforming your Exclusive Pets into a Huge Pet in Pet Simulator X. If you reach 100 Points, the cost will be free, but 300 or 800 Robux must be spent if the total Points are 50 or 75, respectively. In other words, those with Exclusive Pets of a higher rarity will spend significantly less than those with “less-rare” Pets, like our Knife Cat. To conclude, using the Huge-A-Tron is only worthwhile if you plan to spend Robux on Exclusive Pets; otherwise, free-to-play users are better off grinding the Daycare, seasonal events, or rare Egg Drops for their Huge variants.