Cozy Cove Secret Room in Pet Simulator X
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Where is the new Cozy Cove secret room in Pet Simulator X

The new Cozy Cove secret room in Pet Simulator X is easy to find, but clearing its quest will take some time, depending on your RNG.

Since February 11, Roblox Pet Simulator X players have been able to freely enter Valentine’s Event in the Town of Spawn World, but many might have yet to discover the area’s new secret room — Cozy Cove. This hidden location serves as an extension of the Event Area and grants those who find it access to a giant heart-shaped Chest and the Rose Egg. Costing 2.5M Valentines Hearts to open on Normal Mode, this Egg can be hatched for the common Valentine’s Cat, rare Love Lion, Mythical Valentine’s Bear, ultrarare Huge Cupid Corgi, or Huge Love Lamb.

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How to Unlock the Cozy Cove in Roblox Pet Simulator X

Finding the Location of the Valentine's Event Secret Room in Roblox Pet Simulator X
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To unlock the new Cozy Cove secret room in Roblox Pet Simulator X, you must first know where to find its hidden entrance. After entering the pink Valentine’s Event building in Spawn World’s Town, make your way to the two Valentine’s Eggs in the back center of the area. If you look to your right, you will notice a pink waterfall. This running cascade might appear to be environmental decor from a glance, but it actually covers the secret locked entryway to Cozy Cove in Pet Simulator X. 

Approach Cozy Cove’s locked door and interact with it to initiate a short questline in Roblox with three parts. After completing each part, you must revisit this secret room’s locked door in Roblox Pet Simulator X to receive the next objective. First, you are tasked with breaking Heart Piles × 100. If you have been playing since the Valentine’s Event appeared, you will have encountered piles of Valentines Hearts randomly placed across the Worlds. Similarly, the second objective you will be given after the Heart Piles is breaking Heart Presents × 25. These heart-filled gift boxes also spawn randomly at a low rate, like Heart Piles.

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All Quest Items for unlocking the new Cozy Cove secret room in Pet Simulator Roblox
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The first two parts of the quest to unlock the new Cozy Cove secret room in Roblox Pet Simulator X are undoubtedly a challenging and “grindy” task. We recommend farming Heart Piles and Heart Presents in the tree alcove at the back of Fantasy World’s Samurai Island. Alternatively, another excellent place to farm these two nodes would be the circular graveyard on Haunted Island in Roblox. It took us around 3 hours of farming in both of these areas to complete the first two tasks.

Once you complete Tasks 1 and 2 of the new Cozy Cove secret room’s questline in Roblox Pet Simulator X, your final task will be to open Valentine’s Eggs × 150. Fortunately, this objective does not involve RNG but is nonetheless quite time-consuming if you do not own any premium Egg-opening upgrades. After opening all 150 Eggs in the Valentine’s Event in Roblox, you receive access to Cozy Cove in Pet Simulator X. 

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