How to find the Daycare in Pet Simulator X

The Daycare in Pet Simulator X is a great way to gain passive income and potentially receive an ultra-rare Exclusive Pet.

Standing in Front of the Daycare in Pet Simulator X

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If you are looking to passively earn additional currency or Boosts in Roblox Pet Simulator X, consider enrolling your Pets at the Daycare. As its name suggests, the Daycare is where you can drop off your animals for a fixed duration, after which you can pick them up in exchange for random rewards, including a chance to acquire extremely rare Pets. The standard time you must wait before you can retrieve your lovable critters is six hours, but the wait time is sped up by three if you are logged into the game. Besides causing your Pets to become temporarily inaccessible, there is no disadvantage to using the Daycare’s services.

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Finding the Daycare in Pet Simulator X

Finding and Enrolling Pets at the Daycare in Spawn World of Pet Simulator X
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Unlike locating the Void in Pet Simulator X, finding the Daycare is one of the easiest things any Roblox newcomer can do from the get-go. After entering Spawn World, the first area in the game, you must head over to the right side of the Shop, near the Traveling Merchant and giant billboards with Roblox leaderboards and fan art. If you investigate the small gorge to the left of the billboards, you will come upon the gates to the Daycare. You can then head inside and stand in the yellow circle to start enrolling your Pets.

Using the Daycare in Pet Simulator X is simple. After you have stepped into the yellow ring outside the building entrance, a window will pop up with two options: Enroll and View. Select Enroll and choose which Pets you would like to drop off for six hours. The quantity and quality of your Pets will determine the possible loot you will receive at the time of pick-up. For instance, we enrolled four Legendary Love Lions at the Daycare, and the chances of receiving Diamonds went from a minimum of 400K to 1.79M. 

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While the rewards you receive from the Daycare in Pet Simulator X are always random, here is a list of the possible loot you could acquire in February 2023:

  • Diamonds
  • Valentine Hearts
  • Cartoon Coins (available after reaching Doodle World)
  • Triple Damage, Triple Coin, Super Lucky, and Ultra Lucky Boosts
  • Huge Meebo in a Spaceship (Exclusive)
  • Huge Machine Egg 1 (Exclusive)