Where to Search Ammo Boxes at the Workshop, Shiver Inn, or Ice Throne in Fortnite


Yet another Winterfest Challenge in Fortnite is to search ammo boxes at the Workshop, Shiver Inn, and Ice Throne. At the moment, we can only show you where two of these are, as the Ice Throne has yet to arrive in the game.

Workshop, Shiver Inn, Ice Throne Locations in Fortnite

Shiver Inn

You will find the Shiver Inn to the southeast of Lazy Lake, in a flat area just before the hills. This is a big building, and it is hard to miss. It’s a hotel made entirely out of ice and contains lots of Frozen Loot, chests, ammo boxes, and lots of items just lying around. It will be jam-packed with this challenge but is big enough to have some exciting and frantic gunfights play out.


The Workshop can be found to the southeast of Holly Hedge. Once again, you will find plenty of ammo boxes here, along with a bench to upgrade weapons, if you survive long enough.

The Ice Throne

The Ice Throne has been added to the game and can be found to the north of Pleasant Park, about halfway towards the coast. This is a massive structure built from ice, so is almost impossible to miss.

Remember, for this challenge you can search ammo boxes at any of the areas, and you only need to get two in total. As such, you should be able to finish it up very quickly.