Where to buy discounted ships in Elite Dangerous

The price is right!

Image via Frontier

Ships within Elite Dangerous come at many different prices. Some on the lower end like the Sidewinder for 32000 CR, or all the way at the top with the Imperial Cutter at an eye-watering 208,969,451 CR.

There are a few places and powers within the Bubble of Humanity that can help out a player get the ship and modules of their dreams while saving a bit of CR in the process. Credits make the galaxy go round, so the more you can save, the better. Also, it doesn’t hurt to have a little extra stashed away for re-buy costs just in case.

Power-specific discounts

These discounts are offered through Powerplay regardless of participation from the players. Certain powers will offer a discount in Controlled and sometimes Exploited systems. There are two of these in particular that provide a ship-specific discount:

Denton Patreus10% off the Imperial Eagle, Imperial Courier, Imperial Clipper, and Imperial CutterControlled systems
Li Yong-Rui15% off all in-stock ships and modulesExploited and Controlled systems

These powers are always worth visiting when in the market for a new ship or modules to upgrade. As an example of some savings to expect, we will use the Imperial Cutter as an example. At 208,969,451 CR, without a discount, after finding a system controlled by Denton Patreus and making the purchase, you will only have spent 188,072,506 CR on the ship. That new price puts it right alongside its Federation counterpart, the Federal Corvette.

Jameson Memorial

Located in the Shinrarta Dezhra system, the Jameson Memorial Orbis Starport offers a flat 10% discount on everything it has in-stock. There is a catch to this station though, to gain access to this system, you must attain Elite rank in Combat, Exploration, Trade, or CQC. After you have achieved Elite rank in one of these categories, you will be granted permit-access to the system and a 2.5% discount on top of the 10% already offered by Jameson Memorial. A good 12.5% discount in total to play around with while enjoying your stay at the starport.