Where to catch Angelfish in Far Cry 6

A angelic fish.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Angelfish are one of the challenging fish that you can catch in Far Cry 6. These elusive fish are challenging to catch and even harder to find. You’ll need to use some excellent lure and upgrade your fishing pole a little bit if you want to keep an Angelfish on your line and pull it to shore. This guide will detail where you need to find an Angelfish in Far Cry 6 and how to catch it.

The only location you can catch Angelfish is in Oasis Plains in Aguas Lindas. You can find them on the northern coast in Ocaso Bay.

Screenshot by Gamepur

There will be a tackle box nearby when you reach this location. While we were there, we used the hydrodynamic lure, pro reel, and pro line to catch an Angelfish. The pro reel and pro line are highly recommended, but you can swap out the hydrodynamic lure for the alluring lure or the durable lure. Both are suitable choices.

There’s also a dock at this location you can use when catching the Angelfish, and it gives you a good spot to battle it out against this clever fish. The best spots to toss your reel will be where you see the fish jumping to the surface, so look for the small ripples in the water before casting it out.