Where to catch Barracuda in Far Cry 6

Where can you find Barracuda?

There are several fish you catch in Far Cry 6 that you can bring back to Juan’s Arms Dealer stations to exchange for goods that you’ll be able to use at your workstation to modify your weapons. A fish with several hunting locations on Yara is the Barracuda, a fish that you’ll be able to turn in for Recycled Glass, or you can choose to bring it over to the La Cantina for cooking recipes. This guide details all the hunting locations you can find Barracuda in Far Cry 6.

There are three locations you can find Barracuda hunting spots. There’s one in the Zamok Sea, another in Sierra Perdida, and another at Barrial.


The Barrial Barracuda hunting Spot is in the southern part of Ok├║ Creek, a rank seven region. It will be right on the border of La Joya, so you may want to check this area out after you’ve done several of the main quests in the game.

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Sierra Perdida

Similar to the Barrial location, the Sierra Perdida Barracuda hunting spot is very south of the area. Luckily, this is only a rank-three region, so you should be able to access this area once you reach the Yara and you’ve completed the first few missions.

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Zamok Sea

The Zamok Sea Barracuda hunting spot is right next to Libertad Island, on the east side. You can access this area after you’ve left the first island, Isla Santuario. Because it’s right next to Libertad Island, you should feel pretty safe fishing for Barracuda at this spot, compared to the other locations.

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