Where To Catch Bream In Stardew Valley (& How To Use Them)

Find out where to catch this cute blue fish and its best uses in Stardew Valley.

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Fishing in Stardew Valley is a bit of a palate cleanser. After all that growing, watering, and sowing, you get to stand still, cast your line, and wait for the fish to reel in. However, it’s not super obvious where each fish type can be caught in the game.

Some fish are specific to certain waters, and some apparently only swim during certain times of the day. Where, exactly, do they poof to during the rest of the day, ConcernedApe? A couple of conditions must be met for Bream to bite the bait. Here’s where you can catch and how you can use Bream in Stardew Valley.

How to Catch Bream in Stardew Valley

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Bream can be caught in the rivers of Pelican Town and the Cindersap Forest in any season and only after 6 p.m. However, if you don’t want to wait until 6, you could just use a Magic Bait to catch it at any time of the day.

If you don’t mind rummaging through some trash cans, you could find some Bream in Stardew Valley there as well. Or, if it’s Traveling Cart Day, purchase it for a price range between 135 to 1000 gold. Though that’s a bit of a gamble.

All Uses for Bream in Stardew Valley

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There are a couple of uses for Bream in Stardew Valley, like completing the Night Fishing Bundle in the Fish Tank, crafting Quality Fertilizer, tailoring the Fish Shirt, or even birthing more Breams in a Fish Pond. However, they are also a pretty solid recipe ingredient and a more or less OK gift.

All Bream Recipes in Stardew Valley

The most obvious use is cooking. Here are all the recipes that Bream is good for, as well as the required ingredients:

  • Baked Fish: Bream, Sunfish, and Wheat Flour
  • Maki Roll: Bream (or any other fish), Seaweed, and Rice.
  • Sashimi: Bream (or any other fish)

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Villagers Who Like Bream in Stardew Valley

A less profitable but highly gratifying use for Bream in Stardew Valley is gifting. Though no villager in the game loves Bream, here is a list of Villagers who are neutral to it to help you in the early stages of friendship:

  • Demetrius
  • Elliott
  • Leo
  • Linus
  • Pam
  • Sebastian
  • Willy