Where to collect gem fragments near characters for the Shanta Quest in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 1

Meet all of the iconic NPCs while gaining a truckload of XP.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Unlike other Shanta Quests in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 1, collecting gem fragments near the game’s most notable characters can be incredibly tricky — especially as many of the blue gem aren’t really that close to the NPCs. In addition, you’ll be finding yourself traversing almost every major area in the game, as you’ll need 10 gems to complete the challenge. However, this quest is certainly worth your time, considering a ton of XP will be rewarded and it aids in finishing the Character Collection menu.

If done in order, this should be your fifth Shanta Quest you’ll be tasked with — so won’t be earning one of Shanta’s gold-plated armor pieces this time around. No matter, there is 20,000 XP to be made here and nine characters you’ve probably haven’t met yet. Speaking of which, we advise you speak to each of the characters, as they will offer rare weapons and med-kits in exchange for small amounts of gold. Here’s where to find the fragments and the NPCs that accompany them.

Screenshot by Gamepur
  • Gem Fragment #1: Taking the road that goes south of Logjam Lumberyard, you’ll spot a small farm that has a fenced-in backyard. In this backyard, a gem will be gravitating near the fence.
  • Gem Fragment #2: In Coney Crossroads, head to the pink two-story ice cream shop. On the second floor, there will be a balcony that is home to this second gem.
  • Gem Fragment #3: Possibly the easiest of the bunch, a gem will be right outside to left of The Daily Bugle’s main entrance.
  • Gem Fragment #4: East of Sanctuary, go to the largest island to find a small outpost. On the outpost’s roof, a gem will still next to two barrels.
  • Gem Fragment #5: North of Sanctuary, there will be another outpost with several flights of stairs to get its roof. This gem can be found on the roof inside a tent.
  • Gem Fragment #6: Just north of Camp Cuddle, there is a large log cabin with a living room in the back of it. In this room, you’ll notice the next gem and a few chests nearby.
  • Gem Fragment #7: Making your way from the sixth gem, head back to the center of Camp Cuddle where there is a row of smaller cabins. The second cabin to the left will hold a gem fragment inside.
  • Gem Fragment #8: Taking the road that goes from Rocky Reels to Chonker’s Speedway, there will be a circle of palm trees out in the open. The gem can be located in the center of these. Oddly enough, this is the only gem without a character nearby.
  • Gem Fragment #9: At the bottom of The Joneses, Bunker Jonesy can be found circling a grill with its lid wide open. The gem will be floating just above it.
  • Gem Fragment #10: Saving the best for last, you need to find the one and only Shanta southeast of Condo Canyon. She and the gem will be near the coast in the middle of three tall rock structures.

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