Where to collect gem fragments outside Seven Vaults for the Shanta Quests in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 1

Tour the Chapter 3 map and make an easy 20,000 XP.

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One of the first set of objectives one will run into in Fortnite’s Chapter 3 Season 1 is the Shanta Quests, where a majority of the challenges will ask players to nab the sacred gem fragments from particular areas on the map. The first of which will have users search for fragments from the Seven Vaults — which are not the easiest to come across. The reason is, these areas are all seemingly away from major locations and are tucked away in between bodies of water and hills.

Despite there technically being seven vaults for players to find gems, this challenge will only require six fragments for it to be completed. However, as some of these areas are outside potentially dangerous areas, we have listed all seven gem fragment locations — as indicated by the red stars below — if it becomes difficult to reach one of the needed six fragments.

It should be noted that each fragment is home to an outpost that bears a circular roof and has multiple NPC soldiers outside of it. In addition, when inside the buildings, the gems will always be kept on the bottom floor.

Screenshot by Gamepur

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  • 1/7: The first and easiest fragment can be found above Camp Cuddle’s northern stream. It can be collected once the player is on top of the long dining room table.
  • 2/7: East of Chonker’s Speedway, another outpost and gem can be found just south of the river nearby.
  • 3/7: Above the lone island in the bottom-left of the map, an outpost and its respective vault can be discovered west of Greasy Grove.
  • 4/7: Of the islands on the eastern coast, head to the one in the bottom center. The outpost is easy to spot, as it is the largest building on the island.
  • 5/7: Northeast of the Daily Bugle, you’ll spot many trees by the coast. In between these, an outpost can be found holding a gem outside of its vault.
  • 6/7: In the top corner of the map, another outpost sits atop a snowy mountain. Although the building is split into two, enter the larger half and make your way to the basement to find another gem.
  • 7/7: Below the map’s central lake, there is a massive outpost that bears multiple buildings. Head into the smallest one and run down its flight of stairs to collect the gem.