Where to farm The Countess in Diablo 2: Resurrected

Climb to the bottom of the tower and steal the perfect runes from this bloodthirsty noble.

In any Diablo game, farming and grinding are a huge part of making your character the strongest, most terrifying force of nature in the game. When it comes to Diablo II: Resurrected, runes and creating rune words is one of the best ways to do this. The best runes come from later game bosses, and if you want Hell-level Pul, Um, Ist, or Mal runes, The Countess will become your best friend. But how do you farm her?

Where is The Countess?

The Countess can be found at the bottom of The Forgotten Tower (ironic concept, yes). The Forgotten Tower is an iconic part of The Black Marsh in Act 1. Once you reach Cellar Level 5, she should be somewhere on the floor. She might not be a traditional, Prime Evil boss, but she is a Superunique monster, so she’ll always spawn and it will always be in the same place. Keep in mind that she’s no chump on the battlefield. If you don’t have escape skills like Teleport, be careful while fighting her, because she can get close and cause a lot more damage than you expect.

The Farming Strategy

Now, farming The Countess is a lot more annoying than it is time-consuming. Unlike some other grind-heavy games, you don’t have to wait a certain time period for her to respawn. However, every time you kill her, you have to grab your loot, then save and close your game. Once you relaunch Diablo 2: Resurrected again entirely, then you can get back to farming The Countess. Hopefully, you have those Forgotten Tower waypoints activated because you’ll be using them a lot.

If you farm The Countess on Normal or Nightmare difficulties, you can create powerful low-level runewords like Ancient’s Pledge and others. If you farm her on Hell-level, you can create even stronger, endgame runewords that can get you through the rest of the game (like Chains of Honor or Heart of The Oak).

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Be aware that in a Hell-level game, The Countess is cold and fire immune, making her even tougher to take down.

As far as characters go, Sorceresses are the best at running quick farming rounds with The Countess because they can use Teleport to keep their distance as well as do heavy long-range damage on her. So, if you want the most efficient Countess-farming character, level your Sorceress up.